Waiting for my Diagnostic Mammogram

I've put it out of my mind as much as possible for the past two weeks, waiting for my appointment. But this coming Thursday (4-27-17) is the day, and I'm feeling more and more anxiety. I keep thinking about my whole life. All the things I would re-do if I could. All the things I... Continue Reading →

It’s NOT That My Libido Has Died

My body used to betray me. It used to say, “Yeah, yeah, all that lovey stuff would be nice, but it’s been two weeks, so shut up and let’s enjoy what we can about this.” But now it’s different.

It’s the Weekend, Woot Woot!

Okay, will somebody please tell me why I am so ridiculously excited for this weekend? I really don't have any big plans, but somehow my heart is light just from knowing I have two days to do largely as I please! My party began at 5:20...   Maybe it's just because I was totally not... Continue Reading →

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