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You can call me Georgia.

Every day I get up and go to work, when every fiber of my being wants to center my life around home. You too? Maybe we can put our heads together and figure a way to make that our reality, ’cause I know neither one of us has time to read 4000 depressing pins about how somebody made a million dollars on Instagram. :-/

A few things about me:  I’m not 20-something, and I’m not a grandma. I’m somewhere in between. Married a long time to Brad. Our son Reed is in high school and daughter Everly is twentyish.

I’m an introvert. A writer and avid reader. A Christian. A modest dresser.

So is this blog all about finding a way to work from home? Is it about surviving the 9-5 in the meantime? Is it about marriage? Kids? Faith? Life? Advice? Is it full of things that inspire my heart (maybe yours too) and things that drive me crazy (maybe you too)? Is it full of positive helpful stuff I want to put out to the universe, or negative stuff I want to muddle through so it can stop circling around in my brain?



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