Six Ways to Prep for Your Work Week on Sunday

I think there’s nothing on earth better than just chilling at home. (With no bra on! 🙂 ) And since I stay home on the weekends a lot anyway, I’ve discovered that spending some of my weekend time prepping for the week ahead not only makes life easier and less stressful, but it’s actually enjoyable in itself. In some cases, like when I’ve put a new outfit together or pre-made some Pinterest-worthy lunches, I almost find myself looking forward to Monday! (Almost, I said.)

Here’s my list of 6 things to do on Sunday that will make your life easier during your work week.

  • Do your grooming. Sunday’s a perfect day to do your nails (including toes!), pluck your eyebrows, color or condition your hair, do a face mask, or whatever beauty routines you don’t have time for on weekdays. It feels nice to go to work feeling freshly beautified.
  • Go into thy closet. I don’t make a firm decision about what I’m going to wear every day because I wouldn’t stick to it anyway. Who knows what the weather will do or when I’ll feel fat? But I do at least give some thought to what I’m going to wear next week. If I realize something needs to be spun in the dryer (LOL I nearly said ironed but who are we kidding here?) or if I need to locate a certain accessory, I have time to do it. This is also a good time to straighten up my closet and re-shelve those shoes I’ve thrown on the floor for the last six days.
  • Clean out your purse. Mine tends to get full of receipts, coins, and coupons that have expired. Sunday is a chance to clean out the junk, plus it makes me aware of how much cash I have on hand for the coming week.
  • Balance your checkbook. On the same note, you can also take a look at how much money you think you have and how much the bank says you have, and make sure you’re in agreement. This, too, keeps you from accidentally spending more than you should next week.
  • Prep your lunches. A solo trip to the grocery store is one of my weekend pleasures, and all I buy is what I call “work food.” This includes anything that I might keep in my desk like raisins or oatmeal, as well as disposable cups and bowls, and then whatever fresh ingredients I’m using to make my lunches. I wash and cut up fruit and vegetables and put everything I’ll need in plastic containers to make it easy to grab something on my way out the door.
  • Take care of those little chores you dread. Do your taxes, select a new healthcare provider, change the cat litter, check the web portal for your child’s grades, or compare mattress prices. Get it done while you have the time and energy, and start next week organized and refreshed!

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  1. Great suggestions! I love weekends when I have nothing to do, but you’re right, doing a little on the weekends really does make the week run better! Visiting from What Joy Is Mine linkup! 🙂

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