The Truth About Flexjobs


(SAHM Bloggers and Readers–will you please kindly share this new and growing blog with a clock-punching woman who aspires to be at home? THANK YOU!)

I have some good news for you, but before I even share it, let me point out that this is not a monetized blog. No ads, no sponsors, nothing for me to gain by pulling your leg about anything. So here’s the scoop: Flexjobs is the real deal.

As you know by the tagline of this blog, I work full-time but it’s my goal to stay home. I have to generate a certain amount of income, though, so quitting my day job for anything “iffy” is strictly off the table. (My husband would have a stroke.)

And lately…you may think I’m crazy but I’ve been really stressed by my inability to manage all the info coming at me on the topic of jobs and ways to make money. You know what I’m talking about…just go to Pinterest and you get smacked in the face with infinite ways to make a fortune! Or so the titles will make you think, but then you start reading and for one reason or another, you decide most of them are not feasible for you.

But if that pin or post is no good, it’s okay, because there’s another one! and another one! and another one! There’s no end to them, and for me that’s where the stress sets in. Ladies, we can keep clicking those pins until our fingers fall off but we may never hit on that one thing that works for us. Meanwhile we might waste our money and time on a lot of wild goose chases that never pan out. And I don’t know about you, but my spare time is too limited for all that.

In my reading, though, I had seen a number of big work-at-home bloggers state that they highly recommended Flexjobs. I gave it a glance, but as soon as I saw you had to pay something to join, I bailed out. And spent another week stressing over silly pins.

I reconsidered today, and decided to take the plunge. You can sign up for only one month if you wish, and this cost me $9.99. (It was normally $14.95 I think, but when I paused to go looking for a promo code, they automatically offered me a discount anyway.) If you want to avoid having your membership automatically renew, you can set it to expire at the end of the month, so don’t worry that you’ll forget to cancel.

Ladies, this site is full of REAL JOBS, some with well-known companies. I’m not saying they’re giving them out like candy, but we should all be suspicious, anyway, of ads that say, “Start today! Make $2000 a week!” or the like. There are jobs listed on Flexjobs that require degrees or specialized experience. All that I saw required some business skills, but there are various categories you can look into and that may not be true for all of them. I’m still going to have to cull through them and find the ones that I will be a fit for, but I already applied to two of them today.

I also built my profile, including uploading my photo, resume, and work samples (from my freelance writing jobs).

Obviously I can’t claim I got a job from the site as of yet, but I can attest that you’re going to find real employment opportunities there, and I think it’s well worth the cost of a lunch entree for you to join.

15 thoughts on “The Truth About Flexjobs

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  1. Very interesting! I’m a SAHM who blogs pretty much full time now that my kiddos are in school, but my husband is about to retire from the Army and has been pushing me to “get a job” when he does. I haven’t felt the typical avenues of monetizing were well suited for my message, but this is intriguing! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!


    1. Glad you found it helpful! I’m such a cheapskate I’m reluctant to pay for anything but I think ten bucks is a good deal for this. I have already been contacted by one of the places I applied to, asking me to move forward and take some skills tests. Will keep you all posted on that!


  2. Interesting. I’m not sure I’d jump into this at this time, but I’d be interested to hear an update when you’ve gotten a few jobs. Either way, the best of luck!


  3. I’ve wondered if FlexJobs was worth the cost. I’ve used Rat Race Rebellion to find real jobs. Have you considered becoming a consultant using your current skill set? I know some ladies have been able to do this to transition home.


  4. I wondered if FlexJobs was worth the cost. I have found work through Rat Race Rebellion. Have you considered using your current skill set as leverage to become a consultant? I know some ladies have been able to transition home by being a consultant or freelancer for their previous employers.


  5. How very interesting!
    I’ve found there are many different ways to help support your family. Blogging, social media work, direct sales etc.
    I hope you can find something perfect for you!

    I will say, I worked outside the home for 10 years dreaming of staying at home. The blog’s income helped and the husband’s new job made my sahm dream a reality. Funny thing is, I’ve learned that full time sahm isn’t my thing lol!
    So now I do direct sales and go out 1-2x a week to help support my family while enjoying adult time.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to write a book, but thanks for sharing this at Living Proverbs 31. I hope my readers found it helpful too!


    1. Hi Kendra, thanks for the visit! I’ve read your blog for a long while now! I pray about it every morning, that my husband will have every possible advancement at his job, and that a door will open for me to be at home. I’m a major introvert so I think it WOULD be my “thing!” 🙂


  6. I had never heard of flex jobs sounds like a good idea though. I hope it works for you. I started doing daycare when my girls were little so I could be home with them and still pay the bills lol. Well they are 18 and 20 and on there own and I am still doing daycare, I love being able to stay home. As I said I hope it works out for you, I loves being a sahm and still bringing in a paycheck. Thanks for sharing this at the LMM link up! Hope to see you at the next link up.


    1. Home daycare can be so nice sometimes. My daughter was in one when she was little and it was a much nicer and less scary atmosphere than a commercial daycare center would have been. You must be good at it if you’ve done it for so long! Thanks for your visit.


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