Is Everyone Making Money Online Except YOU?



I just sent an email to my father-in-law, and I closed it with a heartfelt wish that I had a few days to go “back home” and visit the folks. My parents are gone but I have dear in-laws and cousins and most especially, my sweet daughter Everly, all living six hours away.

And here I am, stuck, not only working full-time, but working at a place where the vacation days are so limited I’m lucky to see my family three times a year. Sometimes I feel so angry about it. If my family lost me, it would devastate them. If my company lost me, they’d have me replaced in two seconds and never bat an eye. Yet who gets my time, my energy, my devotion? The company.

Let me say, I am praying about it. DAILY. Can you pray for me too? Send me your name and I will gladly return the favor.

I’m grateful for my full-time job, but constantly on the hunt for an alternative, or at least an additional stream of income. Isn’t it funny how we’ve all picked up these phrases in the last few years? “Side hustle.” “Passive income stream.”

Years ago, women with a burning ambition to earn something were more isolated, dreaming their dreams while they washed the dishes, waiting for a great idea to strike. I think of people like Mrs. Fields, the cookie queen.  Mary Kay and her makeup empire. Joy Mangano, millionaire inventor of QVC fame.

When they succeeded, they were inspirational to other women for sure, but they were very, very, unusual. Extremely blessed. Regular working women probably looked at them the way they looked at lottery winners or movie stars, and said, “Wow, her life must be great! Now let me finish typing and filing so I can go home and get the meatloaf started.”

Times have changed, and nowadays, it’s awesome that with the online world at our fingertips, our opportunities are limitless. We can work at home making great hourly pay (with benefits!) between diapering and feeding. We can sell goods we enjoy making and services we’re talented at, on our own sofas in our pajamas. We can even just blog about our lives and get paid for it! Or so I read on Pinterest, anyway.

The problem for me is that whereas in the past that would have seemed like a crazy-awesome existence enjoyed by the fortunate few, now the blogosphere has me believing that everybody is succeeding at it except ME.

And that gets discouraging. I don’t understand how thousands of women are making it sound ever-so-easy, while nothing I’ve tried has worked out yet. Is it me? Do I give up too easily? Do I not have enough “hustle” to side hustle, or am I pursuing the wrong things? What have YOU tried that actually resulted in real money?

If you’re feeling discouraged too, let’s get together on this. Neither of us has time to try everything we read about, but maybe we can form a tribe, and report back to each other about what actually works and what doesn’t, without giving each other an inferiority complex. Anybody with me?

4 thoughts on “Is Everyone Making Money Online Except YOU?

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    1. Oh thank you Joy that somebody finally actually COMMENTED on this blog! I was about ready to go “Tap tap tap…is this thing on?” LOL! But yeah I feel like nowadays working full-time is not even enough…I’m supposed to be juggling six more income streams too. (I wish.) It’s hard for me to wrap my head around it all sometimes.


  1. I will say a prayer for you and if you wouldn’t mind please say one for me too.

    I don’t have a blog but have thought about having one – and making money with it? I don’t know. Maybe someday. I go back and forth with the idea.


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