It’s the Weekend, Woot Woot!

Okay, will somebody please tell me why I am so ridiculously excited for this weekend? I really don’t have any big plans, but somehow my heart is light just from knowing I have two days to do largely as I please! My party began at 5:20…


Maybe it’s just because I was totally not feelin’ it at work this week. Usually I do pretty well with staying motivated, but this week I was bored, restless, and watching the minutes tick by. Next week should be interesting: we have a new, female head honcho coming to visit us from our corporate office, and she’s staying the entire week. Uggghh. Maybe she’ll be nice, I hope so, but there’s still going to be that feeling of being watched and judged.

At least her visit was timed to coincide with my spring shopping, so I have some new work clothes to wear while she’s here. (Maybe I’ll do a “What I Wore” post later.) I don’t do an awful lot of shopping throughout the year, but since I live in a warm climate, around Easter is a good time to stock up on work dresses. And I have to tell y’all, Dress Barn has been giving me some good deals!


One reason I gravitate to Dress Barn is that I know what size I wear  in their brand, and that makes it so much less frustrating to shop. (I also absolutely LOVE Cato and I recommend it highly–I bet I could go to my closet now and pull out six or eight Cato garments that have lasted so long I don’t even remember buying them. But I don’t have a Cato handy to my current home. 😦 )

Anyway, I went to Dress Barn a couple of weeks ago and got two nice work dresses. They were on sale, plus I got $10 off for buying two, so it was like $60 total. And THEN they gave me a coupon for $15 off my next purchase, so I went in the following week and got another dress plus matching shoes at 75% off. And today in the mail I got a new Dress Barn card and a 25% off certificate. This will cover me for the year, thank you!


As I cut up my old card, it brought back a childhood memory. Although I was raised in the Deep South (think Mayberry), my grandmother lived in a high rise in New York City, and she would sometimes send eclectic care packages that were fun for both my mother and me. Once she sent me a little castoff purse, and her old credit cards from Macy’s and Gimbel’s to play with. I played “store” with those things for years! Fun to remember the days when we didn’t have to worry about identity theft.


Okay, last thing…Brad and I are planning to visit a new church this weekend. For several years we attended a very nice local church but, long story short, we reached a point where it didn’t fit our needs anymore.Plus, we moved across town making it a bit less convenient. We’ve been un-churched slackers for several months, but now…and if you knew us, this is surprising, BRAD suggested that we get off our duffs and try a nice looking nearby church that happens to be my preferred denomination. Yay, this will feel like going home, I hope! Good ol’ familiar hymns and ways of doing things. I hope we like it and I’m so proud of Brad for taking the lead on this! (Although there is a diner right near this church that he likes an awful lot…you don’t suppose….no, I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt!)

Happy weekend to you and yours!



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