Extremely Simple Chicken Pot Pie

I’ve been making this thing for years and years. It’s as easy as this…just take those four ingredients (store brands taste fine too), drain the liquid off the chicken and vegetables and mix ’em up. You can throw some salt and pepper in there or any kind of seasoning you feel like, and pour it into a ready-made crust. I use a Pyrex pie dish (or do you call it a pan even if it’s glass?) but you could also use a metal one. I’d avoid those flimsy disposable ones, though.

If you’re a total non-cook you might think my fluted pie edge looks fancy, but it totally tells you on the box how to do that! Just follow the directions on the ready-made crust box and then stick it in the oven at 425 for around half an hour, or until it’s brown.

One thing I forgot to take a picture of is my pie shield. It’s like a big metal ring that you can put around the edge after your pie has cooked for a while, to make sure the edge of your crust doesn’t burn while the rest of it browns. I bought the pie shield at some specialty store…maybe Williams-Sonoma or something like that, but I’m sure you could order from most anywhere,  or just use foil in a pinch!

This is seriously really good and if your family doesn’t eat it all up, the leftovers are just as good to take to work the next day. And this is a super fast recipe for busy days. I left work today at 4:30 and this was already in the oven by 5:15. Hope you enjoy!

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