What You’ll Get

Blogs are mystifying things. I’ve had several…all unsatisfying. The first one was when I was deep into my writer stage and I just wanted people to read what I wrote. I’m not sure what I hoped to gain with that…a following or an agent? I don’t even remember.

Year later, I heard amazing tales of women who made a living just by blogging! Amazing! Sign me up! So I tried that, only to learn that I had naively started the kind of blog where you can’t really run ads or sell anything. Plus, I wrote about stuff that I only wanted strangers to read…religion was on my mind at the time and while those posts went over quite well with a certain target audience, I didn’t want my Facebook friends to ever run across them and think I was a kook.

Then for my third blogging attempt, I really WENT for it, with an expensive custom self-hosted site, complete with ads and affiliate links and all the stuff that should have made me a millionaire but didn’t, because by the time it crashed one day, I had forgotten all the techie little fine points of how I got it up there to begin with, and I no longer had the free time to figure out how to fix it.

So yeah, I don’t care anymore, about trying to craft a blog persona that will somehow make people want to open their wallets and buy things. I don’t go around in real life trying to get people to like me–they either do or they don’t–so I’m not going to take that approach here, either.

I still want to write, and sometimes I have things to say that other people may find interesting or worthwhile. What occupies my mind most at the moment is how much I want to NOT work in an office all day, so I’m writing about that.


Welcome to The Real Unvarnished.

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